Do I need Florida auto insurance for a rental car?

No one really wants to think about a subject like Florida auto insurance and a rental car accident, but it’s a subject that should nonetheless be taken very seriously. If you find yourself in the position of having just experienced a car accident with your rental car, you’re going to wish you had taken the time to learn everything possible about an area as admittedly confusing as Florida auto insurance for your rental.

Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

Understanding how to handle auto insurance in Florida for a rental car begins by understanding the general concept of rental car coverage. It’s worth mentioning again that it can be a very confusing concept. Some people become so baffled by the particulars of Florida auto insurance as it relates to car rentals, they opt not to bother pursuing their insurance options at all.

While it is certainly understandable to be a little thrown by the concept of rental car insurance, avoiding the subject altogether is not advisable. While you may not feel you need rental car insurance, it’s a subject you certainly want to explore if you can afford it. More to the point, you should do everything possible to make sure you have the most comprehensive level of car rental insurance that’s available to you according to In answer to the question of whether or not you need rental car insurance, the short answer is yes.

Understanding Rental Car Insurance

When it comes to the subject of Florida auto insurance rental car accidents, knowing the coverage you have means you’ll be prepared for such a possibility. Being prepared is definitely key. Here are some things you can do to make things easier on yourself:

  • Assuming you already have auto insurance, get in touch with your agent. It’s likely that you have some form of coverage for when you get into a rental car. However, the specifics of the coverage can vary from one person to the next. In many cases, the coverage for a rental car is the same as the coverage for the car you actually own.
  • Find out if certain conditions expressed in your rental agreement can cause your coverage to become voided.
  • Regardless of your auto insurance company, the rental company may hold you responsible for “loss of use” or “administrative fees.”
  • You may want to see if your homeowner’s insurance has anything to say about car rental theft or damage as it occurs on your property.
  • Different car rental agencies offer different levels of coverage. You can potentially protect yourself from damage to the vehicle, personal medical bills, damage/destruction to personal belongings that were inside the vehicle, and being held legally and/or financially responsible by other parties involved in the accident. Research the rates and other specifics of the rental agency you’re planning to rent a car from carefully.
  • With the credit card you’re planning to use, find out what that company offers in terms of insurance coverage.
  • When renting a car, inspect the vehicle carefully. If you find any form of damage, note this to the company.

According to, never drive without proper auto insurance in Florida. It’s not worth the risk. Be prepared and purchase the policy you need online right now. It’s easy, and in less than an hour you can be covered while driving out on the roads.