Hello everyone. My name is Liz and I am the new host for Try A New Recipe Tuesday. I am honored to be part of such an awesome group of bloggers. I have my own blog,The Flowering Dogwood, come on over, browse and let me know you stopped by.
The holidays are over and all I want to do is to NOT make ...
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Save Room for Dessert…Christmas Cake

I love fruitcake, in fact, I’ve always loved fruitcake, even as a kid.  Weird kid, I know.  Anyway, I’m not naive enough to believe that everyone loves fruitcake; I suppose it’s likely that more people dislike fruitcake than not...
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Fire Day Friday: Beefy Bite Appetizers

It is the holiday season, which unleashes a torrent of parties and get togethers.

That means it is advantageous to have an extra appetizer, hors d’oeuvres, or dessert snack trick up your sleeve. So tonight I played around with an idea I had for an appetizer. This is work in progress kind of thing.

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Save Room for Dessert…Eggnog Coffee Cake

I was browsing through my recipe binder, you know, the kind filled with yellowed newspaper clippings, handwritten recipes jotted onto scraps of paper, and occasionally, a nicely done recipe card.  Today’s post is a recipe written in my own handwriting on a piece of paper from a yellow legal pad...

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Be a good steward of the earth…


Last night was a vegetarian meal for us. Something nice and cool, filling and healthy. It also was an excuse to use up a lot of what I had in the fridge.  It’s amazing what accumulates.  Time to see what I can do with what’s there..

Here’s what I came up with to empty the fridge and create somet...

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Sicilian Meatloaf

I love meatloaf. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I. Love. Meatloaf.
This was supposed to be a rolled up, super pretty meatloaf. If you go to Trisha’s meatloaf on Once A Month Mom, you will see a gorgeous rolled up meatloaf that will knock your socks off.
I didn’t roll mine...
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Veggie Tales: Beans with Envy!

As a vegetarian, it’s tough making a bean salad that’s more than just a bean salad. But when you add one simple ingredient (that is not so simple)- you create a dish that is flavorful, powerful, and more importantly: Easy and Delightful! 
I present: The Artichoke
What you’ll need:
1 can artichok...
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Fire Day Friday: Torta de Espinacas

Don’t you hate it when you are doing a main dish from a certain country and then you are stuck trying to come up with complimentary side dishes?
Tonight I was trying out Lomo Al Trapo, a popular Colombian beef dish. When I needed to find side dishes, I knew right where I was going…...
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It’s a Red Velvet Birthday Cake!

Greetings all!

What a great time we had while celebrating my friend and neighbor’s birthday.  Actually, it was the somewhere between 15th and 20th anniversary of the first time she turned 29, so this is really her anniversary of her birthday cake… but I digress.

Here it is in progress, all 4 tier...

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Crab Salad Nigiri Sushi

I first saw this crab salad nigiri sushi that my blogger friend Pikko had made on her blogAdventures in bento making . I thought I’d give it a try for a gathering at my husband’s work one evening. Pikko’s are much prettier, I’ll have to keep practicing. Her creation was a hit though...

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